Welcome to Brittany Mill Lakes

The ultimate destination for UK citizens seeking an unforgettable fishing experience for big carps in France. Fly, relax, and enjoy the thrill of landing massive carp in our picturesque lakes.

Fly, relax and enjoy

With a history dating back over 300 years, our lakes have been transformed into a premier carp fishery since the introduction of farmed king carp in the year 2000. As pioneers in the industry, we were the first carp fishing company in France to offer all-inclusive ferry travel packages, providing you with all the necessary equipment ready and waiting for you on the bankside in every swim. We have since raised the bar by introducing innovative air travel all-inclusive carp fishing holidays, even providing the rods, to ensure your big carp fishing holiday is simple, quick, and hassle-free. Today, all anglers who fish here opt for our fantastic air package deal.

Our price is all-inclusive, covering everything you need for a seamless and remarkable experience. This includes the flight, airport transfers, top-notch equipment, as well as the convenience of having breakfast delivered to your swim and a delightful three-course evening meal served by our attentive waiters. Picture yourself indulging in superb carp fishing amidst breathtaking surroundings, with our lakes teeming with an abundance of enormous carp.

We have taken every measure to ensure that your experience with us surpasses all expectations.

Trust us when we say that it simply can't get any better than this!

This is not just another "fishing trip"!
It's a proper "Big carp fishing holiday".

When you choose Brittany Mill Lakes, you're not embarking on just another fishing trip; you're indulging in a proper "big carp fishing holiday." Over the years, we have gained invaluable experience, which is evident in the exceptional quality we offer during your carp fishing holiday. Picture this: a cooked breakfast delivered right to your swim, followed by a delectable three-course evening meal served in a charming dining area. We go the extra mile to assist you in every way possible. Our well-built wooden decked swims are equipped with spacious 2-man bivvys mounted on wooden platforms, ensuring a clean and comfortable experience, rain or shine. Rest assured, the equipment we provide is of the highest quality. Feel free to check out our "equipment we provide" page for more details.

As a family business founded on a commitment to excellence, we take pride in making your fishing dreams come true. Our all-inclusive air travel package has never made it easier to fish in France for the carp of your dreams. With flight times of approximately one hour and a transfer time to our lakes of only 50 minutes, you'll be casting your line in no time.

We firmly believe that it simply cannot get any easier than this. So why wait? Embark on your carp fishing adventure with us and let us make your dreams a reality.

A true big fish venue!

Prepare yourself for a true big fish venue! Since our opening, we have continually witnessed remarkable growth rates among our carp, thanks to the mild climate and rich waters of southern Brittany. Could 2012 be the year for our first carp over 60lb? We certainly hope so, as our 50lb+ fish are still growing, displaying immense potential for record-breaking sizes. In fact, the largest carp caught in 2012 so far weighs an impressive 54.5 lbs in Mill Lake, with another astonishing catch of 57.5 lbs in Cadouzan.

At Brittany Mill Lake Carp Fishing Resort, we offer more than just a fishing trip – we provide an extraordinary experience that will leave you with unforgettable memories. Join us and embark on a remarkable journey to catch the carp of a lifetime.