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saturday 16th April brought about mine and bretts long awaited trip to brittany Mills in france. 

We flew from east midlands airport at 0710 carrying just terminal tackle, reels,alarms and sleeping bag, after being relieved of suntan creams and contact lense fluids by airport security 1 hour and 10 mins later we were stepping out in nantes airport being greeted by our hosts steve and Andrea for the week.

The journey to the lake took about 40 mins in this time we were shown a DVD showing the lake rules etc. One thing that impressed me is that they showed the reasons for having the rules in place e.g rig tubing to protect scales and coated hooklinks to protect mouth damage.

After a short period of deposits being taken and insurance being shown we were on our way to the lake armed with 25kg carp pellet 3kg maize and 1kg of the new mainline grange boilies.we had been advised that maize was catching well by lads that had been on the week before and the bailiff george had advised us to go with 9mm pellet as this is what the fish had been fed on during the winter.

Onto the fishing later but our week consisted of breakfast baguette delivered at 9am lunch baguette delivered at 1pm then at 4.30pm we were picked up and taken to the main facilities for a shower, top up of bait and provisions etc. At this time we also had a waiter served 3 course meal which if i say was 5* standard i wouldnt be doing it justice, it was absolutely gorgeous every night each meal was served with free water and a complimentary beer or glass of wine.

On our lake were four other lads all from the hull area, we couldnt have asked for better lads to share a lake with over the week we had good banter and shared a few beers and tips

the equipment was top notch, 2 man bivvy each JRC bedchair and chair, coolbox kettle lanterns all provided as well as nets mats scales forceps and slings

Well onto the fishing, i’ll let the pics do the talking but we were into the fish straight away and the action rarely stopped. we decided rather than fishing our own swims we would share all 6 rods run for run during the day and take our own fish after hitting the sack.

we fished for a fish at a time with just a handfull of pellet and maize in the baitboat hopper with a single grain of maize on 1inch hair.Hooklink material was sufix black silt with a korda sinker halfway down its 10“ length, hooks were nash fangtwisters size 6 with 1cm of shrink tube to increase the gape.lead set up was Korda silt lead clips with 3oz flat pear swivel leads and the mandatory 28“ of rig tube we used berkely tungsten that i rated really highly as its really heavy.

The lake was 17 acres mainly silt bottom with fishing from 1 bank only,we were lucky enough to chose the shallow end which when we arrived had the wind blowing into it, this luckily for us was how it sttayed for most of the week

In all we managed 112 fish up to 39.5lb including 16 thirties and 49 twenties the majority of which were 26 to 29lb. Total weight for the week was 2640lb, we didnt really fish on a night

i cant reccomend this venue highly enough everything about it is spot on, facilities, fishing and well the bailiff is a legend

heres the link for the website

i’ll post a video up when i’ve figured out how to do it

heres the pics grab a cup of tea as theres loads



Email received 26th april 2011

Hi Steve

just wanted to drop you a line to thank you, Andrea and George for making last week such a fantastic holiday!


We all agreed it was our best weeks fishing yet, and we’ll definately be back next year (just waiting for Paul’s missus to tell him when he can go!!)


Obviously, my highlight was catching the 51lb 7oz MONSTER!!, literally just as I was stepping outside my bivvy to pack up and wind in!!!!! (yes, I have had some ribbing!!!)


The food, fishing, weather and company all made it a memorable trip, one which wouldn’t be possible without you guys, so once again, a great big thank you from us all!


Kindest regards


Karl, Chris, Paul and Colin.




John Vardy’s review of Brittany mill lakes as posted on

29 Jun 2009

Brittany mill lakes, France
What can I say..
Totally amazing experience,
I wanted to go fishing in France (wanted to catch big carp)
I searched the web and found some good reviews about Brittany mill lakes,
went onto website and it looked really good, so I booked it for myself my wife and my son,
After talking to my mate he decided he wanted to come with his son,
so we booked it.
Well my first ever flight, and I was dreading it,
The flight …… no delays , as I wanted to go soooo much I no I needed to get on the plane.
Well it wasn’t as bad as I thought,
Got to the airport in Nantes France and Steve was there to meet us,
Gave us all a friendly welcome,
The journey to the fishery was good , Steve talked to us about the lake and the way it fishes,
Got to the house and met Steve’s wife Andrea, she was nice, and because we were hungry Andrea had made sandwiches.
We were given the rules of the fishery , which were just standard rules but Steve said he has to do this, which I can understand.
We were then drove to lake cadouzan
which is about a 2-3 minute drive,
When I saw the lake my first thought was wow,
There were 4 double swims and a single swim all set out great.
The swims went onto the lake , you walked down a small platform and there on the swim were 2 bivvys , all set up with all the gear,
Now my fishing started,
My first fish was at 8.50pm a 15lb mirror, not to bad I thought as I did have all week,
After that I got a fish about every hour or so, my wife and I ended up with 64 fish ranging from 15lb to 39lb,and not forgetting my best a 50lb mirror ,
My son Jamie had 23 carp ranging from 19lb to 33lb..But his best was a 45lb cat fish
Oh god what a lake ….
I was so amazed ,
Steve , Andrea and Joe were so helpful , It was so hot the week we went Andrea sorted us out with sun parasols,
My wife needed to go see the doctor because her feet swelt up and Andrea did all the running about ,sorted the appointment with the doctor drove her there and back, all this and still managed to do the meals.
The meals were great, breakfast was delivered to the swim about 9.30, a English breakfast in a baguette, lovely…
At about 4.30 Steve came and picked us up for the short drive to the house, Time for a shower before Tea.
Andrea’s meals were great, oh and can’t forget Joe…. the helper,
We were served with a different three course meal each day, And they were really lovely,
I didn’t want to leave but then again I did because I need to catch up on sleep,
Overall a totally amazing experience , and I will be saving to go again next year, As for fishing in England …. forget it ,
John Vardy’s review on Brittany mill lakes

Chris Bird review of Brittany mill lakes as posted on

26 May 2009

Hi Guys, Myself and my son have just came back from a week at Brittany Mills Cadouzan lake. This was my first time in France fishing and was a bit apprehensive about it all. No need to worry, Steve, Andrea and Joe all are very friendly and very helpful with there understanding of the lakes.

I managed to catch 708 lb of fish and my son had 605 lb of fish, consisting of 9 x 30+ fish and numerous 20+ fish. My pb before going was 26lb, I broke this numerous times and finally finished with a pb of a 51lb mirror. My son pb was 29lb and he finished with a 40lb pb.

The fishing is very good as is the food and above all the hospitality offered is second to none. Would recommend Brittany Mills to any of my friends.

C S Bird

11 May 2009

From the lake records for the first six weeks cadouzan has produced 161 doubles (they are all self bred ones from 3 years back) 96 carp between 20 to 25lbs, 212 carp between 25lbs and 30lbs (loads only just under 30lbs) 166 thirties (many just under the 40lbs mark, gonna be stacks of 40’s next year) 6 carp over 40lbs and 3 fifties to 52lbs (definately 2 different 50’s possibly three waiting on recieving an anglers picture to confirm). The lake has been fishing really well and all the fish are in mint condition. I will give you all the help and tips you need when you are on the lake.
A couple of nights back I was up the ladder on the tree in the bay and stalked a nice 31lbs mirror out , real exciting watching it take the bait and then playing it from 12 foot up the ladder!  it only takes one bite….. 😀



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I went to brittany in May, me and my mate both took our rods with us. If i’m honest, next time we go, we won’t take our own! The upgrade rods from them are good rods, and it saves the hassle of taking your own! 
And saves £50 that can be used on bait! 
And be wary of fish losses with strong TC rods on there, very soft mouths plus Steve and Joe don’t reccomend them! 
Just a little heads up for you…. They will tell you that your rods are too strong, unless there 2.75TC? Or 3 at a push? But with 50mm ringing i guess they’re more 3.5’s? My mate, thepieeater on here,lost approximately 15 fish on the trot, including a right lump, he was on 3.5tc x-flites, Joe and Steve gave him a set of the fishery rods, and he didn’t lose another fish due to a hook pull!  I used my 3lb TC Snipers, and never had a problem….If you plan on flying rods reguarly – have a look at the bazooka (spelling) range of rod protection