Bait Boats

Hire includes ample amount of high power batteries per boat.

Batteries are returned to our shop after dinner each day and exchanged for freshly charged ones.


bml_baitboat_lakestarThe LakeStar Baitboat, flagship of Blue Sky Angling a revelation in advanced bait boat design.

All bait boats are fitted with the latest 2.4ghz electronics and handsets which have a short flexible ariel and an internal ariel on the boat.


Will make a user operation video and post here soon.


Hire Charges

1 person using a lakestar bait boat £65.00 per week

2 persons sharing one lakestar bait boat a discounted rate of £110.00 per week

limited amount so reserve/book early

Please note that you are responsible for the full repair costs to bait boat or handset during your rental period.



Handsets must be kept in the box provided when not in use and kept inside the bivvy and must not be allowed to get wet or damp including the dew in mornings and evenings, do not use outside in rain, drizzle or fog (it is possible to use handset from within bivvy during rain, drizzle or fog). If the handset becomes damp or wet it then quickly loses its capacity to work so if it is found damp or wet (even if still working at that time, it will shortly die) you will be required to pay for a replacement handset at £100.00 (no if’s, no but’s, no exceptions).

Please treat the boat with care and handle gently, thank you.

Bait boats must be left in a clean condition or a £25 cleaning charge will be levied