How To Book

How do I book my vacation at your place?

1. Enquire for availability

Before you make a booking please first sent us an email to
or give us a call under
+33 6 76 58 04 47
to check for availability on your desired date of stay.
You can also sent us a text message to request a call back.

If you sent us an email, kindly include the following details:

  • Planed arrival and day of departure.
  • Wether you will travel solo or with a group. If you plan to travel as a group kindly provide us with the total number of persons in your group.
  • From which Airport you will be traveling to us (Manchester or London Stansted).
  • Any other additional request you might have

2. Get your booking reference number from us

Upon checking for availability and discussing your plans with you, we will issue a booking reference number to you via email. You will need this number to complete the next step and as payment reference!

3. Fill out our online booking form

Why do I have to fill out a form if I already have discussed everything with you, you might ask?
Because sadly we are not perfect and we want (and have to make sure) that we don’t miss out on any details to provide you with the best experience possible for your trip.
So please user your booking reference number to fill out our online booking form. We know that there are a lot of question, but this makes sure we get anything right from you.

You will find our online booking form by clicking here

4. Contact our accounts department to recive your payment information

Please contact us for payment details under the following number
+33 7 87 29 94 12
after you finished our booking form and submited it to us to.

5. Your reservation is finished

That’s it. After we received your down payment or the amount in whole, your reservation is binding. You can now look forward to you vacation with us.