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What terminal will I need to attend to get my flight from Southampton airport?

Southampton airport has only one terminal

What terminal will I need to attend to get my flight from Manchester airport?

Manchester airport is terminal 3 with Flybe

Can I bring my own rods?

Flybe will not take a pre booking for rods, they say if there is space on the flight you can pay at the airport and check them in, however bear in mind if they say no you will need to return them to your vehicle which could result in missing the flight.

Can I bring additional luggage?

An extra 20kgs bag can be booked for an additional £60

Can I bring additional luggage?

An extra 20kgs bag can be booked for an additional £60

Can I bring additional luggage?

An extra 20kgs bag can be booked for an additional £60

How much time should I allow myself at the airport before the flight?

We recommend at least 2 hours before the flight

What am I NOT allowed to carry in my hand luggage on the plane?

No sharps, no line, no liquids. See airlines/airports for a full list

Can I combine the luggage weights?

No the 2 bags are to remain individual and cannot be added together as a combined weight

Should I bring a pillow for my bedchair?

We sell throw away pillows for 3.50 euros each if required

How much luggage can I bring?

Currently with Flybe you get 10kgs hand luggage and 20kgs in the hold luggage

What quantity of bait will I require?

All anglers fish differently but 1kg of boilees per day plus carp pellet would be a good starting point.

Is Braid allowed?

No braided main line or uncoated braid hooklinks

Are there any bait bans?

No shelf life, no nuts, no hemp, no salt, no oil,no plastic or artificial baits

Can I fish while being so intoxicated that I can’t stop falling over?
Most of us enjoy drinking in moderation and indeed we give you a complementary bottle of beer or a glass of wine with your evening meal we also stock beer and wine for purchase. Brittany Mill Lakes is not the sort of place for the lads to have a week long loud drunken sorty

If you do become drunk you will not be allowed near the lakes and will not be able to fish again until sober, we put the welfare of our fish first and we make no exceptions

Can I use plastic or rubber artificial Baits?

Plastic and rubber baits have been banned because when line breakage occurs the baits remain in the lake until another fish comes along and eats it, which can result in dead fish. Our carp prefer to eat real food.

Can I use Carp Leaders or Lead Core?

We do not allow carp leaders or lead core of any description, as these are unsafe and can become tether rigs resulting in dead fish when snagged.

Can I use barbless hooks?

Barbless hooks are the cause of much mouth damage. We only allow micro barbed hooks (size 4 or 6 only) for the welfare of our carp. see videos page to be added shortly.

Do I need to pre order bait?

We keep a large stock of mainline freezer bait on site so you may purchase what you need daily after dinner. No need to pre order (see bait page)

Can I bring Shelf life boilies with me?

We do not allow shelf life boilies  (popups may be used).We conducted a series of tests with six different manufacturers shelf life baits and were horrified at the results.
Do your own experiment place a shelf life boilie or 2 in a clear jar of water and leave for a few weeks or more then examine your results.

We found that they did not breakdown but went mouldy and stank.

We also done the same with mainline freezer baits and found that they breakdown after a week or so.

There is also scientific evidence that carp that feed solely on shelf life baits as their main food source result in poor growth and health (George Hide M.sc B.Sc.(Hons.)Lecturer sparsholt college)

We want you to catch our carp in pristine condition and in top health.

This is also reflected in our pellet diet fed to the carp.

We sought out the best possible complete carp pellet diet that we could find, it is designed as an overall balanced feed especially for carp, our stock are thriving on it and continuing to make good weight gains and maintaining perfect health.

 Why must I get travel insurance?

The unexpected happens and when it does the French health service will only cover emergency treatment on your UK national health EHIC card, it does not cover ambulances/hospital room/bed/food/medicine etc etc. The paramedics will want to know who is going to pay? prior to taking you to hospital. You must ensure that you have a valid 24 hour emergency contact phone number (provided by your insurance company) written on a piece of paper NOT ON YOUR MOBILE PHONE so that we can access it in the event of an emergency situation.Travel insurance should also be purchased well in advance so if you have a problem prior to your holiday the cost of your holiday is covered.

Can I bring my TV?

You cannot pick up British tv and French tv operates on a different system, so UK tvs don’t work here.

Do you have charge points for my mobile phone, camera and tablet etc?

Yes there are 20 English sockets in the dining area for your use 24/7 No need for european socket adaptors

How can I keep my drinks cold?

We provide you with a cool box. 2ltr frozen bottles of water are available from the freezer daily.

Do You Rent Bait Boats?

we have lakestar Bait Boats for Rental. look at our Baitboat page

Do you offer any bank side help or guidance?

If you require advice or help we always offer it freely and willingly just ask.
Can I fish a 4th rod?no it is strictly a 3 rod limit.

Do you allow children under 16 on the complex?

Children are the future of angling and if they are keen on fishing we like to encourage them, however the danger of being near water is obvious so you must sign an agreement that states that you are responsible for their health and safety at all times.

I have my own rod pod can I bring it with me?

We supply heavy duty (concrete filled) rod pods with three rod front buzzer bar and three rod butt rests for your use. These are perfect for our decked swims it is impossible for them to end up in the lake.Therefore do not bring a rod pod with you as it will not be possible for you to use it.

Do you allow the sacking of carp?

We do not allow any sacking of carp. We do not allow any sack to be brought onto our complex and if you break this rule you will be asked to leave immediately.

Do you hire out reels alarms etc?

No you must supply your own reels, bite alarms and terminal tackle

Do you have any poisson chat (small american catfish) or crayfish in your lakes?

There are no poisson chat at all there are a few crayfish in mill lake only but they are so few that they never bother your baits and are not a problem.

Do you do a draw for the swims each week?

When you arrive we show you around the lake you are fishing, we try to encourage anglers to sort out amongst themselves which swims they would prefer to be in, and most weeks this is sorted amicably. If you are unable to sort yourselves out only then do we draw for swims.

How many swims are available on the lakes?

Lake Cadouzan is 17 acres and has three large double wooden decked swims and two single linked swims, 8 anglers maximum. Mill lake is 12 acres and has 3 single wooden decked swims close together at one end of the lake plus two side by side and two wooden decked swims about 15 meters apart,  7 anglers maximum.

Can I bring my non fishing partner?

Yes, check our prices page.

When was Brittany Mill Lakes established as a carp fishery?

Brittany mill lakes have held carp for many years, it was established as a carp fishery in the year 2000 and opened to carp anglers in the spring of 2001

What size is the Brittany Mill Lakes Estate?

Overall the estate covers about 65 acres, which consists of a mixture of ancient woodland, pastures and lakes.

Is a rod licence required?

No, pre napolionic private waters like this are exempt from rod licence requirement.

Is night fishing allowed?

Yes, being a pre napolionic private estate you are allowed to night fish.

what is your refund policy?

Deposits are non refundable see terms and conditions page

What Airport do we Fly from ?

We Use Manchester and Southampton Airports only.