Superb carp fishing in France starts here!

Brittany Mill Lakes is a fantastic big carp fishing venue, the lakes can be traced back to being over 300 years old and  established as a carp fishery with the introduction of farmed king carp in year 2000. We were the first carp fishing company in France to offer all inclusive ferry travel packages that included all of the equipment ready and waiting for you on the bankside in every swim.Then we improved that when we were the innovators of air travel all inclusive carp fishing holidays that included all equipment even the rods! making your big carp fishing holiday simple, quick and easy! Today all anglers that fish here come on our fantastic air package deal.

Our price includes the flight the airport transfers the equipment and includes breakfast delivered to your swim plus a waiter service 3 course evening meal. Superb carp fishing in wonderful surroundings with so many huge carp in our lakes it just cant be made any better!

Flights are from;

Southampton or Manchester airports

Over the years we’ve learnt a great deal and this is reflected in the quality of your carp fishing holiday. We deliver cooked breakfast to you in your swim! Serve you a quality three course evening meal in a picturesque dining area and help you in every way possible. All carp fishing is from well built wooden decked swims with huge JRC 2 man quad bivvys mounted on wooden platforms so its clean and comfortable come rain or shine! The equipment provided for your use is all best quality, checkout the „equipment we provide“ page.

We are a family business founded on quality. With the all inclusive air travel package that we offer it has never been so easy to fish in France for carp of your dreams! Flight times are around an hour! Transfer time to lakes about 50 minutes! It just cannot be made any easier!

This is not just another „fishing trip“ its a proper „Big carp fishing holiday“. 

A true big fish venue!

Since opening we have gone from strength to strength, the carp continue to show massive growth rates in the mild climate and rich waters of southern Brittany, could 2012 be the year for our first carp over 60lb? We hope so as a number of our 50lb + fish are still growing and their huge frames show great potential for reaching not just sixty pounds but record breaking sizes. Largest carp caught for 2012 so far is 54.5 lbs in mill lake and 57.5 lbs in cadouzan.

Mill lake heaving with big carp! many forties, up to 6 fifties and untold thirtys and twenties, as well as cats to 140lbs + and mervin our only sturgeon currently around 110lbs! Adorable is a nice description of this 12 acre lake set amidst traditional french countryside its old established woodland along one bank is full of wildlife while the grass bank on the opposite side is the area for sun lovers. A most pleasant place to fish, relax and enjoy nature, watch big carp cruise the surface in the heat of the summer sun occasionally throwing themselves out of the surface water crashing back in with a wallop that sounds more like a pig falling into the lake! maximum 7 anglers. This water is no pushover though as many of the carp are wise old lumps and those putting in the most effort reap the best rewards. Sitting right next to our main facilities and holding a great stock of carp and big cats, after a visit you can understand why it is so many anglers favourite lake.

Lake Cadouzan is set up for those that like loads of big carp action! Huge stock now over 500 carp!  Sometimes it is difficult to get three rods out because when the fish are really on the feed it is extremely hectic!  Holds plenty of fifties loads of 40’s, over 200 thirties, and the rest mainly twenties, restocking began in 2005, when we introduced over 400 big carp and they are growing fast! it keeps most anglers bite alarms singing! A rich stream fed water in some of the most delightful and tranquil surroundings of any lake in France. A maximum of just 8 anglers with 17 acres of water guarantees you all the space you could ever want for your carp fishing adventure holiday. This is a peaceful and tranquil venue one in which to relax and soak up the angling environment until the line over your buzzer suddenly jolts you in to action that is!

See the „Equipment we provide“ page for detailed look at decked swim.

Our aim is to help you enjoy a fantastic and fun carp fishing holiday with great carp, great surroundings, great food, and to have a memorable time for all the right reasons. Best catch of 2008 for one angler was 58 carp including 27 thirties to 39lbs. Best so far for 2009 is 78 carp! for angler Steve Major whilst his fishing buddy Leigh Wakeford had 63 carp! including loads of 30’s, a few 40’s and a 52lbs mirror.

Update for 2012, Martin Williams caught 82 carp up to 44lbs during his week on lake cadouzan in september and was fishing alone!

Both lakes are many carp anglers dream environments but each for different reasons, which one will become your favourite?

Not sure which to choose? Less experienced anglers will have far higher catch rates on lake cadouzan.

We really do look forward to meeting you soon.

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