Lake Cadouzan

Lake Cadouzan

is set up for those that like plenty of action! Re’stocking began in winter 2005, it now holds grass carp to over 40lbs mandarin catfish to 90lbs and over 500 big carp! including an estimated over 200 thirties, between 40 to 60 forties and with carp up to 62lbs +  it should keep your bite alarms singing! also 5 koi carp to 29lbs
over 400 years old 17 acres of rich stream fed lake with in some of the most delightful rural tranquil surroundings in France . A maximum of just 8 anglers with 17 acres of water guarantees you all the space you could ever want for your carp fishing adventure holiday.

Three double wooden decked swims and two single linked swims await you for comfortable fishing come rain or shine!.

Our aim is to help you enjoy a fantastic and fun carp fishing holiday with great carp, great surroundings, great food, and a very memorable time for all the right reasons.

The lake water is fairly coloured most of the time, the margins are firm for around 3 to 4 rod lengths then changes to silt. The silt is nice fresh earthy smelling and holds plenty of bloodworm and other natural invertebrates. Rig wise any colour works (all rigs are all the same colour when its dark) we normally use black rig tube (available on site).

None of our lakes have the dreaded nightmare poissin-chat (american catfish)

Mill lake has a few (hand full) Crayfish present (they rarely trouble baits, no need for mesh).

During our closed season (november to march) we continue to feed a high quality carp pellet plus maize diet to our precious stocks.

We continually work to improve our venues and always welcome intelligent suggestions.