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2014 flights will be Sunday to Sunday
 as they were for 2013
New photos of inside of our onsite shop just click on „shop“ bar on left column
Please note Korda Goo is now banned from our lakes due to it staining everything it touches
10th May 2014
Quick update; Fishing very well this season loads of big carp out as normal not had much time to write report yet, hopefully will soon.
Meantime heres a quick video of some of our carp caught over last few weeks
click on link below
6th December 2013
Another new video added to video gallery HD entitled
 „Brittany Mill Lakes“ 
29th October 2013
New video added to video gallery HD entitled
 „Martin Williams carp angler“
26th October 2013
We have now finished our 2013 season and what a great season it has been! The carp in both lakes are continuing to pile on the weight, Billy Woods a regular angler here sent me photos of a carp he caught in may 2012 at 39.5 lbs and he caught the same fish again this July (2013) at 46 lbs and that is about their average weight gain per year 5/6 lbs. I am now back to feeding both lakes with sacks of pellet and maize every day.
The season began with an unusual and extremely cold snap at the beginning of april, in fact the first day of the season there was ice around the margins of both lakes with mats and weigh slings frozen to each other and a bitter cold wind blowing down from the north that made it a fairly slow start. What a contrast to the previous year when it was so warm the first week of april that the carp began spawning! The cold and unsettled spring weather lasted for quite a few weeks this year keeping water temperatures unseasonably low which led to the carp spawning late during June/July and on into August.
There have been some spectacular weeks fishing hows this for a week? 6 anglers on one lake two who only fished until about midnight then resumed again in the morning caught between them the following carp;
3 x 50s
23 x 40s
27 x 35lbs to 40lbs
35 x 30lbs to 35lbs
42 x 25lbs to 30lbs
33 x 20lbs to 25lbs
31 x carp up to 20lbs
That is 194 carp between them! Ray Pemberton who was among the 6 and fishes here regularly twice a year said it was his best carp fishing session ever! Reading the catch reports a lot of those big thirties were close to the forty pound mark (hence why I separated them from the lower thirties) so most will be forties for 2014 season. I cant wait to see them next year!
The big fish continued to come out the following week with two more fifties and numerous forties, so there were 5 different fifties out in a week and a half! Interestingly these five are all new fifties from last years upper forties. The three fifties were caught on mainline cell ten forties caught on Active8 and remainder on new grange apart from 2 on popups
Another week saw father and son Mike Dodd and Mike Dodd junior having 12 forties including a 47 a 48 and a 49lbs plus 10 thirties between them out of their 36 carp haul, What a weeks carping! Mike junior had 9 of the forties! including the three largest. All were caught on mainline cell.
Luke Chamberlain had a great session in July catching two fifties from Mill Lake both in the hot afternoon heat of the day a very unusual occurrence, quote from his catch report „2 x 50lb’ers despite the raging sun!“ his friend Nat also had a nice 47 lbs carp in the heat of the afternoon proving you can only ever generalise about carp behaviour. All their carp were caught on mainline Active8.
When I get some time I will go through the catch reports and give you a few more figures.
Quick update;
From the catch reports anglers caught 14 fifties and 187 forties (a lot of them are between 47/49.5 lbs) during this season.
The dam end swim that we moved on cadouzan has been a real success the new positioning has improved the overall fishing that end of the lake as more of the lake is accessible to the rods (love this swim!) 
Finally managed to sort the bait boat battery life problem (found some Japanese manufactured ones that are very powerful and long lasting) so it is all change for 2014 will publish more details about this before next season.
Once again Mainline baits out fished any other different baits that anglers bought with them this season proving yet again (same every year) that the carp have a preference for what they know they like to eat. When you think about its logical as it’s a constant pre’baiting campaign. For 2014 we will continue with the same three extremely successful Mainline baits ie Active8 Cell and New Grange.
Work will begin soon on rebuilding the wooden swims on cadouzan as much of the wood has rotted after being there for 9 years, this time we are using patio grooved decking planks as we have on mill lake and increasing the size of them a little.
Have some good video material to publish here soon, will begin editing when the nights draw in and it gets dark early. A great video coming on use of back leads that I am sure will be of interest to you.
If you have carp pictures caught here this season on your mobile phone please email them to us for inclusion on our website gallery.
More soon
Kind Regards to all
Steve and Andrea
Please note 2013 flights are Sunday to Sunday
March 2013
The new double swim/peg that we built to replace the old double on the dam at Cadouzan is complete and looking good! The new position and repositioned angle of it now enables both anglers to fish the far bank and dam bank far more effectively and is a little more social being closer to the other swims.
Both the first and second swims/pegs on the grass bank on mill lake have been rebuilt and both extended by a further metre out into the lake which will be enormous help when playing fish. The second swim/peg has also been lowered a little taking it closer to the water surface.All have been rebuilt using modern patio decking. Seen a few carp rolling while doing the works, at the moment feeding 2 sacks of pellet (50 kilos) a day into each lake.
The new shop has now been completed and will be fitted out over next few days (will add some photos as soon as I get some time) All the freezers are full of mainline boilies and new for this season we have matching mainline freezer bait pastes and 2 kgs tubs of high impact ground bait.
If you are one of our regular visiting anglers you need to know that 2014 is getting booked very quickly many weeks are already full.
Finally got some of the 2012 photos in the gallery will add more soon
The catfish video (2 x 100lbs plus cats from mill lake 2012) is now on the video gallery HD page

news 2012 was once again a great season for us so many anglers broke their personal bests whilst here making it another amazing year.  It is so satisfying to see the happy faces of those who enjoy what Andrea and I have created here ie great fishing, great food, great facility’s, in a beautiful rural peaceful environment. The hard work that we continue to apply to our fishery has proven to be very successful as evidenced by the amount of regular visitors who come to us year after year after year some two or three times or more per season!

We would just like to say a most sincere thank you to all of you as without all of you there would be no point in it so once again we thank you.


Our success has meant with increasing numbers of anglers visiting we have had to let some people down this year (2013) when unable to give dates for certain requested weeks for carp fishing holidays due to the dates already being booked well in advance.

This will certainly be the same for 2014 as we already have a good number of weeks that are booked (written in January 2013) for next season. So I would suggest that if you want a 2014 holiday here book it early, we hate having to turn away anglers especially those whom have become good friends with us.

We have no intention of putting in any more swims/pegs to cater for more anglers which would be easily possible, we think it is better for you and the fish to have plenty of space (8 swims on Cadouzan and 9 swims on Mill lake, although we rarely ever have 9 anglers and then only if all are one group on mill)


The new showers we installed last year are a great improvement and give you a lot more space (I will add some new pictures to the facilities page to update that soon) and were very well received by you.


The composting toilet we built for Cadouzan last year having done its first season has more than proved its worth, it works really well.  I only wish I had done it sooner its far more pleasant to use than the old chemical one, its cleaner more hygienic and does not smell.


This winter we have/are currently rebuilding some of the old swims/pegs on Mill lake replacing the rotten wood on them.


On lake cadouzan we are moving the swim/peg on the dam wall toward the left closer to the island but angled toward the far bank, this will enable both anglers fishing it to each have a section of the far bank to fish and will even up the catch rates for those fishing from there (in its previous position the angler on the right caught more than the angler on the left).

We are moving our little shop into the building next to the kitchen over winter as we need a bigger area to store bait etc (video to follow when its finished) and will include a list of what is stocked in there.

We removed some of the trees and bushes in the area around the woodland swim/peg on Mill lake opening this will allow a bit more sun to get through instead of just being in the shade all the time.

I have finally gotten around to sorting some of the 2012 photos and will add them into the gallery soon

Flybe done away with the Gatwick route this year and replaced it with Southampton, although labeled Southampton airport it is actually before you reach Southampton down the M3 if you are travelling from say north of London it is about 15 minutes more than the travel to Gatwick so not much difference.

Because of the differing flight times making the logistics of having anglers arriving from Manchester and Southampton on the same day impossible we have now split our weeks into one airport the other ie we do 4 weeks of Manchester followed by 4 weeks of Southampton.

 Have just loaded up another little video of 2 x100lbs plus catfish caught from mill lake last season and will be adding a few other videos over the next few weeks.

Click here to view video

Manchester airport flights are from Terminal 3 With Flybe airlines

Please note SALT and OIL as bait additives are banned from our waters do not bring any with you. Please ensure you read all our rules before arriving at the fishery

newsBrief news 21st May 2012

Carp angler Richard Oldridge bought his friend Daniel Dodsworth who normally fishes for barbel with him on this trip and today he caught his very first carp ever a 54.7lbs mirror from Mill Lake!

newsBrief news 17th May 2012

New lake record on lake Cadouzan 57.5 pound mirror (not the same fish as the previous lake record) caught by northern angler Corrado Caruana who is currently having a fantastic session on there (will report his complete catch at the end of the week)

newsBrief news 5th May 2012

Its been a hectic start to this years season, Andrea and I have had a lot going on in our personal lives hence the reason for no updates here on the news page until now.

The season began very well after the hot month of march and initial catches were good then we got the overnight frosts and they switched off until it warmed up again then came the rain! it was wet wet and even wetter we were not complaining though as it had been a very dry winter and the ground water levels in the region are low so it was very much welcomed.

So hows it been fishing? and have they spawned?  the questions everyone wants answered.

Catches last week were very good with the following big carp being landed;

On Cadouzan Michael Dodd had a fantastic session including 12 x thirties and 8 forties of the following sizes 40, 43.5, 41, 45, 47 common, 41, 42, 40 common

Total big carp for the week  16 x forties 43 x thirties and a 50.10 mirror the fishing slowed down when the carp started to spawn on the thursday and stopped on the saturday

Mill lake had 3 x forties and 12 thirties and again the carp were preoccupied with spawning from the thursday

Biggest carp out of Mill so far this season 49.12 mirror and on cadouzan 51 mirror

Biggest cat out of Mill so far this season 110 pounds and from Cadouzan 62lbs mandarin cat

newsBrief news 20th January 2012


Last night the fish farmer delivered 60 new carp from the fish farm for Mill lake all nice plump Brenne royals, some with huge shoulders mainly mid to upper twenties and thirties. This will give a nice stir up in the lake amongst the existing residents and will alter feeding patterns etc.




newsBrief news 12th January 2012



Important flight information Ryanair have now discontinued the East Midlands airport to Nantes route this is a big pain for us as we have been using this route for a number of years and it worked very well.


The new route will be from London Gatwick and Manchester airports to nantes with airlines.

For some anglers this will be welcomed as it means a less travelling and for others it means a little longer journey.


We apologise if you are amongst those that will have to travel a little further than before.


The Good News is that with Flybe you get 20kgs of luggage  (plus your carry on 10kgs bag) as opposed to Ryanairs 15kgs and at only £26 rather than ryanairs £60 for 20kgs


We will be telephoning everyone that has a holiday booked with us for this season to discuss the new arrangements and once again we apologise for any inconvenience this may cause you.








newsBrief news January 2012


2011 was another great season for us we had more anglers going away with new PB’s than ever before (one week every angler on both mill and cadouzan had a new PB!) some weeks the catch rates went through the roof! of course carp fishing is carp fishing and sometimes due to hot sunny weather coupled with especially high atmospheric pressure the fishing slows down but isn’t that what makes it such good fun! you just never know what will happen one angler had 5 mandarin cats out from cadouzan (there are only 5 mandarins in there!) The biggest cat out of mill was 128 pounds and mervin the sturgeon seems to have settled at the same weight now for the last few seasons of around 100/120 pounds which is great because we had visions of him reaching 150/200 pounds and then nobody would ever land him on carp tackle! the carp are gaining good weights although none have passed the 57 pounds mark (yet!)





I still have not managed to catch my target fish in Cadouzan (one day she will be mine) and she has graced the banks about six or seven times up there this year.




news2011 was a very dry season with little or no rain from march to July, nice for anglers but the rain helps to keep things fresh and the lakes topped up.




During february we are putting  around fifty new carp from the fish farm into mill lake just to liven things up a little more. They will all be twenties and thirties, this will alter the regular feeding patterns of the the existing stock as the new ones generally want to gobble up the food and feed differently to those long established in the lake who already know the game.




If you are coming here for the first time this season we look forward to welcoming you as we do with all our regular customers many of whom come every season some twice a season and some 4 times a season! We thank you all for your custom and so many of you are counted as friends.




Cadouzan will be having its new composting toilet this year Smile which is a much better alternative to the chemical toilet it has always had there previously. Will add a little video on the site about it shortly.






The 3 bivvy platforms at the shallows end of mill lake worked well this season especially when 3 anglers were fishing together as it is very sociable. To make it even better this year we are moving the furthest one of the three back to be closer to the others (will add photos soon)



2011 photo gallery now updated, more pics to follow soon








news in Brief april 2011

The very hot weather at the end of march and beginning of april saw our carp spawning on thursday the 5th of april. In all the time we have been here that is the earliest yet. The hot weather continued until the 30th of april with hot temperatures and high pressure making the fishing harder but many anglers still enjoyed some fantastic catches like Gaz and Brett with a 112 carp between them, karl Nendick had 13 thirties and a 51.5lbs mirror from cadouzan, a few of the 100lbs cats have been out of the mill and a few mandarin cats to 57lbs out of cadouzan plus many more anglers breaking their PBs numerous times.

Avid carp have introduced a fantastic new lead clip called the Tube Gripper Lead Clip read about it and watch their video on our rigs and tips page, we will be stocking these in our onsite shop. These are without doubt the safest design yet and carp everywhere will benefit from their use.



news in Brief april 2011


The first few hours of the new season has seen 8 carp out on cadouzan including 6 thirties to 38lbs and 4 x twenties out on the mill, not bad for the first 3 hours!

Mid week report Cadouzan the following carp;




Tom 20, 26, 22, 25, 17, 27, 28, 25, 32, 29, 32, 17, 32, 30, 26, 27, 18, 35, 25, 18, 18, 21, 34, 34, 27, 21, 31, 17, 18, 31, 18, 26, 27, 28, 32

Martin 32, 27, 33, 17, 31, 10, 31, 19, 41.5, 21, 43, 29, 30, 23

Dan 33, 33, 21, 29, 22, 34, 35, 40, 50 cat, 34, 40.5, 30

Roger 38, 33, 28, 19, 39, 30, 42, 35, 23, 34, 44, 23, 22

Kenny 26, 31, 29, 32, 33, 29, 27, 34, 14



Jason 17, 30, 23, 38, 20, 33, 25, 27, 37, 19, 39, 23, 19, 23, 28, 28, 18, 27, 20, 30, 27, 28, 27, 24

So thats 36 thirties and 6 forties up to wednesday lunchtime

Mid week report for Mill lake the following carp;

Ben 25, 10, 28, 45, 36, 27, 39, 42, 35, 36, 38, 26, 28, 10, 35, 41, 18, 35, 25, 35

Ben P 25, 22, 29, 36, 27, 32, 37, 36, 36, 26, 7, 27, 28, 23, 32, 30, 24, 17

Mark 39, 30, 25, 30, 20, 28, 35, 24, 25, 38, 36, 20, 25, 25, 24

Paul 25, 26, 36, 27, merv 106lbs, 28, 28, 23, 37, 31, 20, 24, 70lbs cat, 42, 26

Paul 18, 32, 19, 33, 10, 12, merv 106lbs, 100lbs cat

So thats 26 thirties and 4 forties

Midweek weather sunshine sunshine and even more sunshine!



news in Brief march 2011



New season nearly upon us. Made some changes for this year. 


Mill lake now has nine swims instead of ten we made the decision to scrap the 2 swims in the woods at the shallow end and reposition one of them to the opposite bank. This gives 3 swims together for the whole of the far end of the lake and will make for a far more sociable time when groups of three wish to fish together (its also the sunny side! those that have previously fished the far end of the woods will understand. Sometimes they were in hats and coats and opposite were in shorts and tee shirts!). There is now a lot more water per angler and it is nice not having anyone fishing opposite you.Will post pics and new video on explore lakes page soon (just waiting for the leaves on the trees to show it at its best)


For 2011 three mainline baits, Cell, Active8, and New Grange freezer baits are available.



Andrea is making a few changes to the food menu, some exciting new dishes and deserts to tickle your taste buds.



This week the swifts have returned and are busy catching insects over the lakes also heard the first cuckoo yesterday (28th march) so spring is well and truly here. The carp are happy and crashing out all over the place on both lakes.

For us this week is always a mad rush to have everything ready for you, some how it always comes together. Did I get time to fish? No! again! never mind my time will come and to be honest I get as much pleasure watching you catch, it is satisfying to see anglers benefit from all our hard work that has made our fishery what it is today.

See you soon!









in Brief february 2011


We have finished the swims on lake cadouzan its looking good! the single swim in the bay has been removed and made into a little island like area complete with a weeping willow that will be fantastic in a few years time. We also increased the size of one of the islands in the bay to make it a nice feature to fish to. The first double on the grass bank has been moved around to the bend and increased in size so that whoever fishes the right hand side can now fish back into the bay easily and gives whoever fishes the left side more room across the lake. The last swim on the grass bank has been modified by increasing its size and angling it toward the island, this will enable anglers to cover the area better and even out the fishing a bit more. We have removed even more bits of root along the woodland banks so far fewer snags this season.


Because of the work we have been doing the lake water level is down about two and a half feet. Been around with the video camera today filming the margins with the intention of putting it on our „explore lakes“ page. You may find it interesting to note which parts of the margins are gravel and which are silt etc. Will add it as soon as I have time to edit it.



The fish are looking healthy and plump. George fished cadouzan for a few hours saturday and had the following carp; 37lbs 29lbs 32lbs 40lbs 25lbs 24lbs a nice little session.


Been working around the lake today and carp are crashing out all over the place! helped with being nice and mild with a gentle warm south westerly breeze blowing. Going to have a session myself soon, not fished for ages. 

The flight times are back to early morning this year so you are set up and fishing by lunchtime on saturday (great news).

More soon.






news in Brief january 2011

Some quick news items;

Netted mill lake in november to remove smaller fish and get rid of the few annoying bream, went well will try to post little video shortly.

Over winter we are moving a few swims, on cadouzan we are removing the single swim in the bay and moving the first double on the grass back to the bend so you can fish the bay from it and altering the last swim that fishes the shallows to a slightly better position.

On mill lake we are moving the swims at the shallow end both sides of the lake closer together so as to make it a little more sociable for anglers fishing in pairs. some of the other swims are having some works to improve them for the forthcoming season (will post more details when we have finished them)



newsin Brief 18th april 2010



The volcanic ash has caused major disruption everywhere across europe, the anglers that were due to return home on saturday were unable so are continuing to fish here. Martin Williams from somerset should have been on a plane home yesterday instead he caught a 53.4 lbs mirror last night and earlier today a 54 lbs mirror he is now one very happy chap!

Currently we have no idea when they will be able to return home, Ryanair have cancelled all flights until wednesday at the earliest will update when we have further information.

newsin Brief 5th April 2010

Have had a very full schedule of work around the lakes over winter mainly on lake cadouzan and must say I am glad the new season is finally here because I need a rest! (I should be so lucky!). The vast majority of the snags and dead trees have now been removed only leaving the odd bits of root here and there, it is looking really beautiful and I am so pleased to reach the culmination of the full restoration of this stunning lake. When I think of what it was like when we purchased the place (neglected for many many years) I am really proud of our achievements.The island at the shallow end has been completed and should make a nice feature especially in a few years time when the newly planted weeping willow is overhanging its edges.The carp have fed well over the winter and the increase in weights is good. Our season started last week and despite a lot of rain and cold wind the catches were good, including a new record for cadouzan with a 53lbs mirror caught by Roger Pelmear (well done). Tommy Botham caught a really nice 52lbs mirror from Mill lake, a nice 47 lbs mirror was caught by Paul Mattimore, James Challons had a 47:12 lbs mirror and Craig Fuller had a 47:7 lbs mirror

The following are the catch reports for the week ending saturday 3rd of april;


1 x 53 lbs mirror

6 x 40s of the following weights; 40, 42, 40, 47, 42, 40, 45,

32 x 30s of the following weights; 30, 32, 32, 32, 32, 35, 33, 33, 35, 39, 36, 34, 31, 39, 39, 34, 32, 32, 37, 31, 35, 32, 32, 39, 30, 31, 33, 31, 38, 31, 32, 33,

27 x 20s and 11 doubles

Mill lake;

1 x 52 lbs mirror

9 x 40s of the following weights; 41, 47, 40, 47, 42, 40, 42, 47, 46,

20 x 30s of the following weights; 34, 31, 34, 36, 39, 35, 37, 32, 34, 32, 32, 32, 35, 34, 37, 33, 32, 37, 32, 31,

29 x 20s and 14 doubles

Cadouzan is fast catching up mill lake with big carp, if its the big girls you are after next year is going to be a difficult choice as which to fish?

The feeding programme over winter has gone well, a known (very pretty fish with distinctive scale pattern) mirror caught at 36lbs out of cadouzan at end of last season coming out at 39:14lbs to the same group who caught it last year.

2010 photo gallery will start having its pictures published in next week or two.

All the swims now have non slip rubber mats on them, making them even more comfortable and safe.We renewed all the rods this year.

Last couple of days have slowed down with a very cold wind chilling the water since saturday afternoon but today the sun is shining again which will bring the water temp back up.

Spring is here,frogs have spawned, the swallows have returned as have the cuckoos, new buds on the trees and shrubs emerging into green leaves and blossom. Life really is pleasurable! time to enjoy the surroundings…….bye for now……

newsin Brief 23rd december 2009

Weather still cold lakes been frozen over for last 7 days, work on hold having a rest in the warm.

Put together another little video that I shot in the spring and early summer this year, its on our new video gallery page hope you enjoy.

The carp should be hungry when it thaws might get the rods out for a few hours!


newsin Brief 15th december 2009

Weather is now cold! frost last 2 days and lakes have a thin covering of ice all over today.

If you are one of the few who normally bring an extra sports holdall please note that Ryanair have changed the sports holdall limit from 30kg down to 20kg. it is important not to go overweight as they now charge £20 for each kilo overweight on all bags per flight. They no longer allow a mix of clothing and sports equipment in the same bag.

Please also take note that the normal baggage charges have changed as well (can be viewed on the „prices“ page of our website).

We will now supply one towel per angler per week free of charge to free up a little extra space for you, just ask for one on arrival.

Not sure if you are aware, occasionally an angler may want a pair of wellingtons we have a large selection for anyones use free of charge if required.

news in Brief 10th december 2009

Weather still mild so heavy feeding continues, carp are very plump! Still having rain so not much outside work done last 7 days. The new video gallery is now up and running have a little more work to do on it but it is looking good. Should put some angler interview videos on during next few days.

Last weekend we hosted the „telethon“ which is sort of a French version of children in need, about 20 local French anglers fished here and raised 450 euros for the charity. Biggest carp caught was 55 pounds form the mill lake they all had a very enjoyable time and are looking forward to returning next year to do it again.

news in brief 3rd december 2009

Weather is still very mild not yet had any frost so the heavy feeding campaign continues, once the temperature dips sharply we reduce the feed levels and use a lot of cereals and less pellet. The weight gains will be massive this year if it proves to be very mild winter right through until next season.

The newly formed small island at the shallow end of cadouzan is taking shape and will look really beautiful in a few years when the weeping willow planted on it has grown some. The island has a deeper area of water in front of it and to one side where we dug some of the silt and backfilled it on to the island, it should make an interesting feature to fish to.

The rain this past week has hampered our work efforts, the lake rose over a foot so we are now a little behind schedule.

Just received a new gadget for measuring distance it looks a bit like binoculars. You aim it an object ie a tree on the far bank press the button and it gives you the distance from where you are to the aimed point instantly. On the next dry day I will go round the lakes and make detailed maps with the distances from each swim to the far margins or features etc, We are then going to make new detailed lake maps for the website with distances and depths so you have a greater knowledge of each area of water.


News in brief 18th november 2009

We will be adding the remaining photos from the 2008 gallery shortly, we have managed to retrieve the files from the damaged laptop. Found some more pics for the new miscellaneous gallery.

We are still working hard on cadouzan, at least another 10 days work until we complete its looking good though.


News ! in brief 11th november 2009

We have added 2 new features to the front page of our website, the „our news“ will feature small snippets of information and link to this page. The „Random gallery pics“ are pictures from our main photo gallery that show on the front page every time it is refreshed.

Added a couple of paragraphs of info on the bottom of the bait page.


News ! in brief 9th november 2009

At long last we are able to start uploading the 2009 photo gallery (YES!!!!) enjoy.

If you are one of the anglers that was going to email your pictures to us send us a few of the best ones and we will add them to the gallery,thanks.

Its interesting how things have changed over the last 6 years from film cameras to digital cameras enabling us to copy your pictures onto a computer hard drive before you leave for publishing on our website. The main ones that we dont get are from camera phones because of the poor pixel rates and small cards on most phones. Also faster internet providers and increased speed from computers means many more pictures can be added to the gallery and viewed easily, this years gallery will have hundreds of pictures!

Will also be adding a miscellaneous photo folder of random pictures of interest.


News ! in brief 5th november 2009

We continue to work hard removing the snags from cadouzan, it is looking really clear around the margins that we have attacked so far and should make quite a difference in the amount of carp landed next season. I will add a little video showing you the completed works as soon as we have finished. The temperature has cooled a little the last few days (need a jumper on in the mornings) and the carp are now mainly crashing later in the afternoons. Not had time to fish at all, we want to complete as much work as possible before the winter cold arrives. The carp are feeding well on the pellet, currently we are going through 1 tonne every 10 days!!!! Bookings continue to very busy at the moment.

Finally managed to find some really good rubber mats to go on the swims, they are non slip about 20mm thick and very soft underfoot whilst allowing water to pass straight through them. We continue making these improvements for the benefit of all our visitors.


News ! in brief 22nd October 2009


We have lowered cadouzan water level to finally eliminate the last snags that remain in the lake. Joe and I have been cutting the remaining dead trees down and with the 5 ton digger we are ripping out the roots, this is the final stage of the full restoration of cadouzan (Hooray!). Over winter we will be planting another batch of new trees in selected areas including more weeping willows and some maples to further enhance the natural beauty and ambience of this very special lake. While the water level is down we are adding a few extra features in certain areas of the far margins that should prove to become future hotspots for carp. It is a great pleasure to work and at the same time observe carp crashing out of the water everywhere! We have a very full schedule planned for this winter but if time permits we shall also build a new island or two down at the shallow end to create some extra features (not that you really need them that end!) The far margin will also receive a fresh planting of common reeds that should eventually grow all along that side. The oak trees that tower above the double swim at the dam end are being coppiced to give anglers on there some extra summer sunshine! And if any time at all remains I would like to build a „crows nest“ in one of the trees for enhanced carp watching.

Will keep you updated as it happens


News ! in brief October 2009

Bookings are extremely early this year with a huge percentage of Re’bookings which has resulted in mill lake already being approx 75% booked and cadouzan about 60% booked for next season 2010, and a good number already booked for 2011!

For those of you waiting for the 2009 photo gallery your photos will be published beginning of november, many thanks for your patience.

This sunday the 18th of october we begin our winter feeding campaign, the lakes get 2 sacks each which is 50 kgs of top quality carp pellet a day! This pellet is the very best that money can buy and boy do our carp do well on it! Cost to us around 10,000 to 12,000 euros to feed 2 lakes for the winter depending on how cold the winter is. The worst part is the time it takes to put it in the lakes, we must look at buying some automatic feeders. We also feed a quantity of maize and wheat. In the relatively mild climate of south west brittany our carp gain weights of 5/9lbs over an average winter.



News ! in brief september 2009

New video gallery now working click on the little arrows < at the sides, top and bottom to expand screen etc. also new page added “ Angler Write ups“ if you would like to contribute an article short or long please email them to me or if you have written about us elsewhere on the net please send us the link. Can be about your fishing experience or an anglers tale, a funny event, your catch report, how catching your PB made you feel or whatever just send them in.


News! in brief september 2009

Our lakes often produce big catches of large fish and this past week is a perfect example of that. Mill lake had a bumper week with catfish of the following sizes in pounds, 104, 98, 96, 61, 112, 45, 116 this one being the new lake record. The carp on mill lake were well on the munch as well with forty four 30’s and eighteen 40’s of the following sizes in pounds, 42, 45, 47, 45, 44, 45, 43, 40, 43, 41, 40, 42, 43, 40, 41, 41, 41, 42, What a week! Three brothers fishing on cadouzan broke their PB’s numerous times between them with carp of the following sizes 25 carp between 20 to 25lb, 32 carp 25 to 30lb, 30 carp 30 to 39lb and 1 x 40 pound carp. Both lakes continuing to fish well this week despite the hot daytime weather.

The new video gallery is now working it runs in both fast and slow internet speeds. The videos are highly compressed for web viewing if you would like to view any of them in their original high definition ve rsions go to type steve benjamin into their search engine click on videos/assets then click the video of your choice then click the yellow/tan „download original“ and you will get an original version to store on your own computer. I will be doing a few more videos over the next few weeks so keep coming back for a look!

Still having problems with installing the new 2009 photo gallery hopefully it will be ready soon! got hundreds of pictures to go on it.

Best baits still the cell and Active 8 both fishing very very well.

We have had some of the lakestar bait boats updated to the new andy kitchen handsets which run for over 30 hours on 4 AA batteries and must say they are really good, the best out there so far. Over winter we shall have the remaining ones converted ready for next season.

Currently the stansted flight has been scrapped by ryanair so we are only using nottingham (east midlands) which is approx one and half hour drive further north than stansted. Nantes airport is trying to get another operator to take over the stansted route. On the plus side the nottingham flight is an early morning flight so you get best part of the day to set up, the stansted flight never used to arrive until 8pm so set up was in the dark. Some of our regular anglers have travelled up the night before and stayed in the thistle hotel who offer B+B car parking for the week and a taxi to and from the hotel to the terminal for about £75 all in which is a great deal, there are some other operators doing the same sort of deals do an internet search.


newsNews! in brief 2009

2009 Fishing got off to a great start this season with both mill lake and cadouzan fishing their heads off! Cadouzan has done 2 new fiftys a 51lbs mirror and a 52lbs mirror (the 52 is a very pretty fish with 2 distinctive small scales on its side) the carp are really putting on the weight in this lake and it is looking really beautiful, we spent a lot of time in the winter removing snags from there and it has paid off big time in the increased catches, dont think there can be many lakes where you have 17 acres of water and only nine swims with a maximum of 8 anglers on it! Biggest carp from mill lake so far this season is a 54lbs mirror caught by one of regular carp anglers colin ellis, mervin the sturgeon has been out at 105lbs and biggest cat 110lbs. Father and son Eric and Michael cooper decided to target catfish on one rod each and fishing with a sardine (available from our freezer) had a 101lbs cat and a 102lbs cat on the bank within hours of arriving here! Plenty of 30s and 40s from both lakes. We had a week when we had 8 anglers on cadouzan and 6 anglers on mill lake many who had been to numerous French fisheries and every single one of them had a personal best carp! That was very satisfying for us and I am sure it will be a difficult record to beat! but with the way our fish are growing who knows? So many anglers here this year have had new PBs that I have lo st count. We are busier than ever and I find very little time to update the website but I do have some new videos I am working on, view one here will post on our website video page soon with a few others including, angler interviews, safe fish handling, best methods of fishing and baiting here, new equipment we supply video as the old page picture is now out of date with the new quad bivvies, rock solid rod pods, new mats, new gas rings etc etc

The 2009 carp gallery should be updated in august, the old one is really difficult to upload pictures to and we are looking at a newer simplified version. We have loads of pics from this season to go on and will do it as soon as possible.

Best baits so far this year been Active 8 and the Cell both producing many quality fish.

We have a high proportion of anglers who return here time and time again and currently are already over one third booked for the 2010 season.

This news added June 2009.

Will add more info soon.


Mill lake is once again having a fantastic season. At the end of July Mervin the sturgeon came out at a new record 102lbs!. Biggest carp out this season is 55lbs mirror and 52lbs common, best week of big carp is 15 forties to 47lbs out with six of them to one angler. Largest catfish 110lbs. Its great to see mill lake back to its former glory.

Cadouzan has had some nice forties out to 47lbs the 50.8lbs mirror in april remains the record at the moment. Loads of thirties have been coming out many of the upper thirties will be low forties for next season. Biggest mandarin catfish out is 48lb and biggest koi this season 25lb. This week the grass carp have gone on a feeding binge with 11 of them out mostly mid twenties. Carp are growing on well.

Currently we are over fifty percent booked for 2009 season due to high number of rebookings and recommendations.

News in brief april; Biggest carp out of mill lake so far 52lbs mirror and 50.2lbs mirror biggest from cadouzan 50.8lbs mirror (updated 29th april)

All anglers booked to fish Lake Lezay please click and watch/listen to the video on the Video gallery page.

Winter has been non stop hard work! The majority of the snags on the far side of lake cadouzan have been removed and its looking great up there! an extra 75 carp between 25lb and 35lb were added to it last november with some real stunning looking ones amonst them.

All previous rod pods have been changed for new S/S heavy rock solid ones

All bivvies are now the huge new JRC quad two man ones complete with overwraps for early and late season (helps keep the condensation down during cooler nights)

Mervin came out last week at 92lb

biggest carp so far 48.5lb




What’s been happening here at Brittany Mill lakes recently?

Well first we must apologise to all our regular visitors for not giving you news bulletin updates for a while, but we have been run off of our feet with all the work we have had to do! And although we have had it in mind to do the website update most evenings we are too exhausted and just want to sleep. So what have we been doing? Apart from the ongoing dam repairs on mill lake.

A new larger dining area has been built to accommodate more anglers, being timber framed it took a while but the results are great and we are very pleased with the extra capacity it holds.

On lake Lezay we installed a flushing toilet at the lakeside and wooden platforms for the new JRC STI two man bivvies to sit on meaning extra comfort for you especially if we have a little rain during your stay. Many of the snags especially the large dead trees have been removed from the water (we never realised just how huge some of them were until we got them out! One large tree took three days to haul cut and shift!) we are continuing to remove the smaller snags also until there are none left. We had a little problem earlier on in the season with a carpet algae growing on the bed of the lake but it was easily and quickly dealt with by adding a chemical to the water.

Plenty of big carp have been caught over the last four weeks the two biggest last week were a mirror caught by Jack Taylor of Nazeing and a mirror by Andrew Burrows from Cheshire . The previous week Paul Harris of Bristol had a mirror and a 52.7 lb common, Brett Riley of Hornchurch had 3 x 40lb+ mirrors and Dez Keeley of Essex had Mirrors of 51.8 lb 49lb 48lb and 40.7lb. The week before that Stuart Clarke of Ruislip had six 40s to 47lb. This current week has already seen Martin Banks with a mirror (His second fifty from Lezay) and the rest of the group a total of eleven 40s and its only Tuesday! Well done lads some first class angling!!

Mervin the sturgeon came out a few weeks back at a new record of!

Getting lake Cadouzan ready for fishing kept us busy for a good part of the winter we finished repairing the old sluice (that meant much concreting) so that the water level could rise back up to its original levels. We built fencing and gates and wooden swims, cleared trees and banks and made a woodland walk track all during a very cold (unusual) winter.

Lake Cadouzan has been fishing well, the four anglers on there last week banked over 90 carp between them the majority weighed between 20lb to 37lb with a few larger fish lost in the weedy areas of the lake. None of the lake forties have yet put in an appearance on the bank. The carp are growing well due to the abundance of natural food in this lake. Mini Merv the sturgeon in this lake is around 55 to 60lbs and although he has been seen numerous times he has not yet been caught neither have any of the four mandarin cats, nor any of the grass carp.

Mill lake is full and looking wonderful, the dam repairs are still ongoing and will be finished by the end of the summer. The remaining works to be carried out can be done without draining the lake again so we put in around 150 carp up to 33lb and are busy keeping them well fed for good growth rates through the summer. We will be netting it again at the end of the summer season and removing any smaller carp prior to placing a new stock of big carp for the new season.