Online Booking Form

1. Before you fill out our online booking form, make sure that you have read our 5 step on how to book your vacation with us.

You will find it here!

You will need the booking reference number issued in step 3 to finish our online booking form!

2. Important Information for you!

Please input the first name and surname as it is written/spelt on the persons passport. The middle names is not required.
We are required to request every groupmembers personal email address, home address and postcode and cellphone number for security reasons.
We reserve the right to charge a fee of £ 60 for any name change or changes to contact details, regardless of whether they were caused by input errors or changes to the participant.

Please also note that our online form now represents our 2021 prices.
Our prices include the following:

  • 10 kg Hand Luggage and a 20 kg Bag in Aircraft hold.
  • £13 APD UK Government AIR PASSENGER DUTY Per Person and is subject to change.

3. Now let’s go to the actual booking, shall we?