For those that love fishing in France but hate the journey its now so simple and quick just Fly!!!

The flight is included in the price! 

We use Routes flying to Nantes, from Manchester or London Stansted air travel time approx 1 hour or just over and quick transfer time of around 50 minutes from airport to the lake complex. We collect you in our modern land rover 110 TD5 defenders and transfer you to our carp fishing complex.

Two options are offered flying from; 

London Stansted or Manchester airports 

The benefit of Flying is very quick travel from the UK to France and as we supply virtually everything you require in your swim you can travel extremely light! Leave home in UK and have your rods set up and fishing within hours in France the same day! Carp angler John Miller left Devon saturday morning and had a 50+lb mirror on the bank saturday night!

See the “Equipment We Provide” page to view the equipment that we provide for your use in each swim.

Year 2021

Bookings are filling up as people book further and further in advance if you require a particular date best do it sooner rather than later


2020 Prices

we have kept the price to the previous years £699 per angler

£499 per guest



2019 Prices

£699 per angler

£499 per Guest

little increase due to increasing flight and fuel costs



2018 Prices

We have kept the basic price at

£679 per angler

£479 per guest



Bookings taken for 2017 and 2018

(please note many weeks are already fully booked)

2017 price 

£679 per angler

£479 per guest

Includes Flights baggage and APD

Includes 10 kg hand luggage and 20kg luggage bag


2016 price

£669 per Angler

£469 per Guest

Includes flights baggage and APD

2015 Prices including flights, baggage and APD

£649 per angler

£449 per Guest

Includes 10kg hand luggage and 20kg luggage bag

Which is a fantastic deal!

APD is UK government passenger aviation tax

2014 Prices including flights

£629 per angler

2013 Prices including flights 

£629 per angler

2012 Prices including flights

2012 price is £579! plus baggage and APD

£579 + £26 + £13 = £618 per angler

Carry on hand/cabin luggage 10kgs remains free with booking

1 Luggage bag in aircraft hold 20Kgs max is £26

Which is a fantastic deal!


Currently (october 2011) we are just under 70 percent booked for 2012

due to the huge amount of regular customers who rebook for following years before going home.

APD is Air passenger duty charged by UK Government 2012 is £13 each

2012 price = Total £618 per angler


2011 prices including flight Is £599 per angler

price the same as the last few years i.e £559! plus £40 baggage costs

Ryanairs new system is as follows;

Carry on hand/cabin luggage 10 kgs remains free with booking

1 luggage bag in aircraft hold 15kgs max is £40

or the option of a 20kg max bag is £60

An extra sports holdall or rod bag 20kgs max is an extra £80 

The vast majority that fish here do so with the 10kg hand luggage and 1 x 15kg bag

£559 + £40 = £599

So for £599 you get your travel, quality breakfast and fantastic 3 course evening meals, quality equipment, beautiful surroundings, some of the best carp and cat fishing available in France.

Which is a fantastic deal!

The cost for a non angling guest is £389 plus baggage charges.

Watch our videos to see what anglers say about us

we really do look forward to meeting you soon!

2009 flying prices are currently being held at the same price as last years i.e. £559 however due to the current worldwide escalating fuel prices there may need to be a small increase before the summer of 2009 but we will try to absorb this if possible
2008 Flying Prices

All inclusive Fly/quick travel package including food (Breakfast & 3 Course Meals) £559 including flights!

Non fishing guest Fly/quick travel including food (Breakfast & 3 Course Meals) £315
Plus £5.00 per flight per person new UK Government aviation tax from feb 1st 2007. i.e. £10

The cost of the all inclusive 2008 fly package is £549 including the flight!

The cost for an all inclusive ferry trip is ( not currently available)



Baitboat hire Prices 

1 person using Lakestar baitboat  per week £65

2 persons using Lakestar bait boat (discounted rate) per week £100

Maximum of 2 persons using 1 boat