• Absolutely no Litter (includes bottle tops and cigarette ends)  litter designation is discussed on arrival
  • Recycling rubbish is compulsory instructions given on arrival
  • No Long shank hooks, no bent hooks, no barbless hooks
  • No 360 degree rigs, NO RONNIE RIGS
  • Barbed hooks size 4 and 6 only (nothing smaller as they tear out of the mouths of our heavy soft mouthed carp)
  • No plastic, rubber or artificial baits
  • No braid or fluorocarbon mainlines (too thin and too sharp = fish damage)
  • No lead core or carp leaders
  • Coated braid hook links only with nothing stripped back
  • 15/18 pound breaking strain line ONLY, reels of suitable size to be used spools must be fully filled with line
  • No fixed leads, no inline leads, no running rigs
  • Avid carp tube gripper lead clips only we no longer allow any other type of lead clip the new fold over ones without pins are fine (available in our on site shop at the fishery) see rigs and tips page
  • Rig tubing minimum length 70cm/28 inches compulsory, prevents fin and scale damage (Tip „put it on your line/reels before you arrive here“)
  • Never stand up holding a carp in your hands or arms or carrying to another area
  • All Carp to be lifted from water in the provided sling only not the landing net
  • Carp to be moved on swim in weighing sling only
  • Unhooking mat provided must be used (wet before use)
  • Please keep the fish wet while unhooking and taking pictures and return Fish to water quickly
  • Allow fish time to recover in the water BEFORE releasing it from the sling
  • If unhooking carp on a hot or frosty day soak unhooking mat to cool/warm it first
  • Klinik, or medicarp or similar to be used on every hooked or damaged area of carp (place it on the unhooking mat BEFORE you start fishing and leave it there all week)
  • No SALT and No OIL do not bring any with you
  • Korda  Goo is banned due to it staining everything it touches
  • No nuts or particles
  • No shelf life bait to be used , Popups are fine.
  • No sacking of carp, DO NOT bring a sack with you
  • No unattended rods (this means if you are going on anther swim for a bit of a social you reel in)
  • Every swim/peg is clearly marked and there is no fishing beyond these marks, if you want to fish an area not within your boundary/markers move swims
  • Mobile phone ring tones, Radio or similar to be kept on low volume
  • Respect the local wildlife, nature and plants
  • No drunk/intoxicated persons are allowed to be near the lakes, drinking of alcohol strictly in moderation only
  • We reserve the right to immediatly terminate the holiday of any person who is under the influence of alchohol or drugs. Holiday termination will be immediate and any holiday contract ceased at that point with no refund payable and further travel arrangements will then be your/their own responsibility.
  • If going in a boat Lifejacket Must be worn 
  • No open fires
  • Do not kill any eels if caught unhook and return them safely to the water
  • There is a saying „Rules are made to be broken“ OURS ARE NOT and your holiday may be terminated at our discretion
  • Any person arriving at the airport for pickup/collection will not be transported if under the influence of alcohol or banned substances and your booked holiday is immediately terminated with no refund payable.
  • Booking a holiday with us means that you individually and every person in your group booking agree with all the above rules and hereby agree to abide by them.

A deposit of £60 cash is payable on arrival at the fishery, this deposit will be forfeited if any of the equipment supplied is damaged or for breaking any of the above rules, otherwise the deposit is refunded in full at the end of your holiday.

You are entirely responsible for the full replacement cost of any item damaged by you regarding anything owned by Brittany Mill Lakes .

All of these rules are in place for the welfare and protection of our carp and you the angler, your health and safety is important to us. We want you to catch carp which are in pristine condition obeying these simple rules helps to ensure that. Likewise we want the lakes and the environment to be in pristine condition for everyone’s enjoyment, so please leave it as you found it and we thank you for doing so.

We hope you have a fantastic carp fishing holiday here at Brittany Mill Lakes !

We stock most terminal tackle items including diamond eye threaders for rig tubing & pre-cut easy thread 28inch rig tubing, Avid Carp tube gripper lead clips and leads, korda wide gape hooks, klinic, etc etc


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