Travel Insurance


Travel insurance in addition to your EHIC card is a requirement before arrival and fishing here, you should arrange an individual travel/holiday insurance policy to commence when you begin travel of your holiday until completion of your holiday. You will be required to show us the policy document on arrival at the fishery you must have the policy number and a UK  emergency phone number of the insurance company written/printed on paper (in the event of an emergency we cannot access details on your locked phone or emails)

NOTE if you arrive without a policy you will not be allowed to fish or have access to the lakes until a policy is purchased (we do not sell insurance) the policy must be in printed form not on your emails The paramedics will require these before transporting you to hospital for further treatment.

No Exceptions no policy no fishing!

Travel/holiday insurance is available at very low cost on the internet and at most supermarkets.

It is also a requirement that you have a current EHIC card (available free) issued by the national health in the UK. It gives you entitlement to free Accident/Emergency health treatment in Europe (but not non emergency treatment). It can be obtained online or from the post office and takes around 7/10 days to arrive. If you require medical treatment in France it is very very expensive and if you do not have the card you will be required to pay before any treatment is given. We do not have facilities to pay on your behalf. Apply for your free EHIC card today;

Booking a holiday with us signifies that you accept full responsibility for yourself and your belongings and that we are exempt from any claims what so ever. Neither the chosen airline or Brittany mill lakes can be held responsible for you or your belongings. And that you indemnify yourself in the full knowledge that we are exempt from any claims.


Why do I need additional travel insurance if I have an EHIC card?

The EHIC card covers you for emergency treatment only it does not cover the cost of ambulances, medication, hospitalisation, repatriation, etc etc hence the need to have additional insurance cover.