Two new single swims on Lake Cadouzan for 2015

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Some of the swims/pegs on lake Cadouzan needed repairs as the wood had rotted after 9 years of weather and damp so we took the opportunity to divide the first swim on the grass bank (the one closest to the toilet) into two singles. The right hand one was extended by 1.5 metres making it a little easier to fish into the bay and making it into a much larger platform than it was previously. The left hand swim/peg is now angled toward the area that it covers on the far bank and also has an increased amount of space on the platform. They are separated by a shared walkway

We decided to make it into two individual swims for those anglers that like their own privacy, now you are 12 metres apart and staggered from one another but still close enough to run around and assist each other if required. The perfect solution!