Bookings must be made via the telephone when availability will be advised. Provisional bookings can be taken over the telephone but must be confirmed by receipt of a completed and signed booking form and deposit within seven working days. The holiday booked cannot be assigned and only the persons shown on the booking form are permitted to travel. Additional costs may be incurred if there are any changes to the booking after written confirmation of the booking is sent out to you.

A non-refundable deposit of £150.00 per person should accompany the booking form. The deposit is accepted as part payment towards the total cost of the holiday.

The balance of payment must be paid no later than 12 weeks prior to departure.

If the unconditional, payment of the balance is not received by us by the due date, we reserve the right to cancel your booking, forfeit any deposit made and levy a cancellation charge as though there had been a cancellation as defined in the cancellation terms below.

The price of your holiday is a fixed price and will not change except for changes in vat or special government tax rates.Since 2011 we reserve the right to increase the price, if inflation above 4% in a year. (small fluctuations will be covered by ourselves)

Cancellations of your confirmed booking must be made in writing (emails are not sufficient and are not accepted for cancellations) and the following cancellation charges will apply;

Period of departure Cancellation charge
More than 15 weeks Deposit only
Less than 15 weeks 100% of total cost.

These requirements are your responsibility and we accept no responsibility for any delay or expense incurred through any irregularity in your documents. It is essential that customers ensure they hold a valid ten year passport and at least 6 months valid from departure date.

It is a requirement that you arrange for travel/holiday insurance to cover yourself for the period of the holiday. You will be required to present the insurance cover policy on arrival at the fishery for inspection. No policy means no fishing! you will not be allowed to fish or have access to the lakes until a suitable policy is purchased (we do not sell insurance) NO ACCEPTIONS! no policy no fishing!

It is also a requirement that you have a current EHIC card (replaced the old E111) available free from the NHS this entitles you to free accident/emergency treatment in europe.It can be obtained free of charge on the internet or at the post office. Apply online today you should have it in 7/10days.

Please note the EHIC card covers you for emergency treatment only it does not cover for cost of ambulances, medicine, hospitalisation, repatriation etc etc this is why you need the additional insurance.

We are not liable for loss, delay or cancellations due to the following; fire, storm, flood, closure of ports, weather/technical problems to transport, airline route changes or times, cancelled flights, acts of God, industrial disputes, strikes, riots, political unrest, and war or any other event or circumstances beyond our control.

We suggest that you ensure a suitable holiday travel insurance that covers all the costs of your holiday etc is purchased by yourselves at the time of booking your holiday.

Pets, firearms and weapons are not permitted.

We reserve the right immediately to terminate the services we are contractually obliged to provide to you if we, our employees or agents, or any other appropriate person in authority in any place or on any vehicle or craft judge your behaviour to be likely to cause discomfort or harm to our clients or any person or property. If because of such behaviour you are prevented by our carrier from traveling, our contractual obligations under these conditions will terminate immediately. In either case any appropriate cancellation charge fee will apply and we will not be liable to you for any refund or compensation or any costs or damage, which you may incur.In the event of any problems that prevent fishing occurring on any of our lakes we reserve the right to transfer your booked holiday to another of our lakes without prior notice or offer a full refund of the price you paid (decided at our discretion).The maximum liability payable by us is strictly limited to the price you paid us individually for the holiday. We reserve the right to transfer your chosen flight route to an alternative airport/route if problems beyond our control occur on your chosen flight route.

If you consider that you have cause for complaint whilst in France, the complaint must be notified to the Fishery Manager. Any subsequent complaint must be made in writing to Brittany Mill Lakes and be received no later than 7 days after you return to the UK.

You agree to abide by the rules that are clearly set out on Brittany Mill Lakes website and a written copy of the rules that will be given to you on arrival at Brittany Mill Lakes holiday resort.Brittany mill lakes retain the right to alter any or all of the fishing rules at any time without notice.

We ask customers to show consideration to others by turning down ringing tones and responding as quietly as possible.