Bait Boats

Our boat hire service includes a generous supply of high-power batteries for each boat. After each day of use, the batteries are returned to our shop and exchanged for freshly charged ones.

We proudly offer the Carplounge RT4 bait boat, which is widely recognized as the industry standard. All 15 bait boats in our fleet are equipped with the latest 2.4 GHz electronics and handsets. We have chosen a basic setup to ensure maximum reliability and minimize the risk of breakdowns.

Hire Charges

For individuals using an RT4 bait boat, the weekly rate is £65.00.

If two people share one RT4 bait boat, a discounted rate of £110.00 per week applies.

Please be aware that you are fully responsible for covering any repair costs incurred to the bait boat or handset during your rental period.


It is crucial to keep the handsets in the provided box when not in use and store them inside the bivvy. They must be protected from moisture, including morning and evening dew. Please refrain from using them in rainy, drizzly, or foggy conditions. However, it is possible to operate the handset from within the bivvy during such weather. If a handset becomes damp or wet, even if it still functions, you will be required to pay £100.00 for a replacement handset without any exceptions.

Please handle the boat with care and treat it gently. We kindly ask you to return it in a clean condition; otherwise, a cleaning charge of £25 will be applied. Thank you for your cooperation.